Hey! I am Simon

In my work, I like one thing the most – meeting new people. I also love to travel, and weddings in various places gives me the perfect opportunity for doing so. I hope that one day I will tell Your story.

⚡In Instagram brief:

I am Simon 📷
I love nature 🌲 and animals 🐒 🐦😍
I love coffee ☕ wine 🍷 and dancing at night, barefoot on the grass. 🌜👣🕺🎵
I also do not refuse Champagne. 🍾
I experiment in the kitchen in my spare time. 🔥🏠
Open minded, amateur traveler 🌍

I love my job!

When I was looking for myself, I realized that I was an observer. I have seen more than others for years. In combination with good reflexes, it allows me to catch catchy moments. I know how important a wedding is for you and I can appreciate every little moment, and by joining in emotions, it’s easier to create art. All the experiences and newly learned people open my world even more, they evoke emotions, open my eyes and make life meaningless.

Let's create something beautiful!

I believe that couples who work with me do so, because of my way of looking at the world. I am a storyteller and I am telling wedding stories. Each of them is unusual, and my task is to show their uniqueness.